Situation des minorités sexuelles

juin 15, 2015

Mother seeks groom for her son in India's first gay personals advert

( source The Guardian )

Message looking for husband for activist Harish Iyer subverts tradition after India re-criminalised homosexuality in 2013.
Homosexuality was in effect re-criminalised in India in 2013 in a decision by the supreme court that stunned campaigners and led to international criticism.

Gay rights activists say gay people face significant discrimination and police harassment, even if prosecutions for same-sex activity have been rare.
Gay activists say that though much prejudice remains in India, there is increasing support for their cause. Only about a dozen people attended India’s first gay pride march, in the eastern city of Kolkata in 1999. Now thousands gather there each year and similar events are held in Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities. Gay film festivals and university campus groups have also sprung up.

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